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Testimonials-Alyssa Hersh, MD/MPH Candidate at Oregon Health & Science University


My experience with FUNDARED-MATERNA in Colombia was invaluable to my education as a medical student and developing researcher. From March to July in 2015, I lived in Medellín, the “city of eternal spring”, which is known for its great weather year-round and the warm, welcoming people.

During my time in Colombia, I was mostly working with the staff at one of the research sites,

Unidad Hospitalaria de Manrique. The hospital is located in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Medellín and serves a low-income population with limited resources. Maternity care is the primary service provided at Manrique. Most of the attending physicians are associated with the University of Antioquia, so they have medical students and residents working with them. In addition to physicians, there is a strong network of nurses, social workers, psychologists and other health professionals working collaboratively to

ensure that patients receive the care they need. In many ways, this hospital is more progressive and achieving better continuity of care than many hospitals in the United States.


Participation in this project has been an invaluable learning experience. I am already utilizing the skills I learned in my current research endeavors and will use them during my future career as a physician-scientist. More importantly, I have found mentors in the faculty at both OHSU and the University of Antioquia, who have been eager to share their knowledge and expertise, and continually empowered me to develop my own skills. Lastly, I learned how to effectively work with my mentors, through improving how I ask for and receive

constructive feedback, work within others’ deadlines, and communicate. All of these skills will be critical for my success in residency and as a physician.

MD Alyssa Hersh in Medellin


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